Welcome to the website of Alignmentontrucks

We provide a large variety of services on trucks and trailers, and we offer FAST and professional service.

We are conveniently mobile in the Gauteng area. We can service most makes of truck or trailer.

We believe in providing quality service and fair prices. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction always

The best option for your busy life. Call us now to get the best service for your needs.

We are a mobile service operation. We come to you to provide the following services on

Trucks, Truck trailers, busses, heavy duty and abnormal vehicles:

  1. Carry out safety inspection on the mechanical components of your vehicles or fleet.

  2. Replace all warn or damaged parts on your vehicles.

  3. Service truck trailers: torque U-bolts, rocker bushes, torque-arm bushes, grease, adjust brakes and wheel bearings.

  4. Set wheel alignment on all heavy duty trucks, trailers, busses, cranes and any abnormal vehicles.

  5. Recondition ball joints and tie rod ends.

  6. We do diff shimming.

  7. We do caster wedging.

Why choose Us?

  • Excellent proven track record

  • 13 years experience

  • BEE Level 2 rating

  • Public liability insurance

  • Mobile services countrywide

  • No hidden costs (e.g. Fuel) for mobile services

  • Electronic / web based application system

  • We are proud of our work and our company

We Specialize in:

  • Reset Wheel Alignment

  • Set Steering Wheel Straight

  • Replace Tie Rods

  • Replace drag-link Arms

  • Replace Torque Arm Bushes

  • Replace Rocker Bushes

  • Recondition Ball Joints

Above all - we are confident in our ability to provide expertise and value in all our undertakings.